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Is going self-hosted worth it?

June 14, 2017

Since I initially started my blog last July, one thing in which I kept “um’ing” and “ah’ing” at was whether I should take the ultimate Blogging plunge and go self-hosted or not. Granted, I tried to go self-hosted last October with Go Daddy, but that quickly fell through and it is safe to say I would never use them again… never mind their customer service.

A few months later, and I decided to take the plunge again. As much as I felt comfortable with using, their features just weren’t enough for me anymore. I desperately wanted control over my own theme, how my blog looked, being able to use Google Analytics, and overall just taking my blog to the next level.

After searching the internet for hours (yes, hours), I decided to use site ground. A lot of other Bloggers I knew also used them for their self-hosted Blog and what’s even better is that they offer 24/7 customer service and their prices are reasonable. They literally set up everything for me, and I didn’t have to do anything myself. I literally sat there with my brew and watched my Blog transform into something I’ve always wanted. What’s even better is that they migrated my existing site over to my new self-hosted site for free (unlike ‘Go Daddy’ who tried to charge me extra… sigh).

It sounds so perfect, right? So is there any negatives to going self-hosted? As much as going self-hosted is amazing, affordable, and really gives you the opportunity to customise your blog how you want, there are a couple of contrary pointers. For example, my statistics have gone back to 0 so all my previous views that I worked hard on have totally vanished. With that also comes new blog followers, but I couldn’t transfer my old one’s onto my new blog. As much as I was a bit disheartened by this, you can easily build your Blog back up again. With added customisation, your Blog has improved in itself by going self-hosted and followers and views will follow.

If you don’t know who to pick to go self-hosted with, I would definitely recommend ‘Site Ground,’ and no I am not being paid to recommend them so all opinions are 100% my own. Their customer service is fantastic, and even when I was mega stressed out with the whole migration process, their help and guidance made it so much easier on me- I felt like I wasn’t going round in circles! Their plans also start at £2.75 / month so you can’t really go wrong with the price.

Web Hosting

So, the question is… is going self-hosted really worth it? When it comes to improving my Blog and my content, I seriously think going self-hosted was one of the best things I ever did. As much as I tried to put it off and as much as I got stressed over it, I have never been so happy with my blog look or my Blog in general… what have you got to loose?!

You can check out ‘Site Ground’s’ self hosted plans and browse their website by clicking here.

Love and happiness always,

xo, Becca

Note: This blog post was not sponsored, all opinions are my own. The links provided are in partnership with my affiliate link with site ground which helps keep my blog running. 

  1. This was so interesting to read! I think it’s too soon for me to go self hosted but having read this, it’s definitely something I want to look into in the future! It’s just such a scary step, and exactly like you I would be put off losing all my views and followers and things but once you do it, it literally sounds amazing! and I absolutely love the way your blog looks!! <3 xx

  2. I am literally in the midst of migrating from Squarespace to selfhosting with I decided to go with hostgator …not sure if you’ve heard of that. I am like you, at a point where I need to start taking more control over customization of the design of my site. I don’t regret starting with Squarespace and it saved me a lot of headache in the early days ,but it’s time to upgrade now!

    Jessica || Cubicle Chic

  3. This was an interesting read. I have been questioning whether to go self-hosted recently but that is only because I have a lot of time on my hands and know that I will be blogging. I’d like to be stable with my blog and have it for a good year before I take a leap but this was interesting to read and gave me some valuable insight.
    Lois x

  4. I’ve been considering going self-hosted for a while, and I think this post has given me the nudge I needed to do it! Thanks! X

  5. I attempted to use Go Daddy and they suuuucked! It put me off going self-hosted completely but I’ll definitely give Site Ground a go after reading this! x

  6. I love SiteGround! I had BlueHost for 2 years and I hated it, the customer service was terrible and it was getting so expensive! SiteGround is so inexpensive and their customer service is the absolute best!

  7. This post is so helpful and I’ve never heard of site ground but it sounds awesome. I’m really in that ‘um’ing and ah’ing’ stage at the moment and cannot decide what will be best! Aaah! Really fab post though and I now know ill Deffo use site ground when I take the plunge xxx

  8. I moved my self-hosted site to SiteGround too earlier last month and I am loving it. I must agree SiteGround is very affordable, they have an amazing helpful 24/7 customer service team. Love the freedom and flexibility of a self-hosted site and I don’t think i’d want to go back 🙂

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