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Lots of summer vibes…

May 13, 2017

Like half of the UK right now, I start getting excited over a little bit of sun and longing for summer to begin. What tops is off, is that Paramore’s new album seems to be giving me those summer vibes that we all love when it comes to music- and I’m basically in a ‘summer’ mood (hence this blog post). Oh, and you should totally check out Paramore’s new album if you haven’t already.

I spent a lot of last summer coming to terms with a recent break-up, and just trying to find myself in general. It seems like last summer was a bit of a blur, which is probably why I am so excited for change this summer- full of positive vibes, people, and memories.

It’s 2017 and I am aware like me, a lot of you reading this right now probably have an endless bucket list full of stuff you want to achieve and do this summer. However, this summer I have an extreme feeling of wanderlust and the excitement of travelling and exploring in general.

This summer, I want to push myself to do things and go places that I’ve never been to before. For example, one big thing that I want to do this summer is go to Glasgow and explore the city (I hear it’s an amazing city, so let me know your own experiences). I also want to find my independence again and go on spontaneous trips and take pictures and just soak up ‘life’ for what it is.

Summer is for getting out, stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring. Whether that’s on my own, or with a partner. Summer is for beaches, and tans (although, I’m so pale that I don’t tan). Here’s to this summer, and here’s to trying new things that I haven’t tried before.

Love and happiness always,

xo, Becca

  1. Every year I say I’m going to go all out for summer and explore but I never do. Hopefully this year I can at least get to a beach. Great post!

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